How often to change merv 16 filter?

A MERV 16 filter is the most restrictive and will likely need to be changed every 3 to 6 months. Yes, they are more expensive than the average filter, but you get what you pay for. You must change the filter at least every 90 days. In general, most air filter manufacturers and HVAC companies recommend changing your air filter every 90 days or 3 months.

This may change depending on the location of your home (e.g. dry and dusty climates), if you have pets, and the age of your system and equipment. If you have pets in your home, you should consider changing the filter every 60 days or 2 months, and for households with multiple pets or people with allergies or respiratory conditions, we recommend changing the filter every 20 to 45 days. Usually, vacation homes or vacant homes that don't have much use can expect to change filters every 9-12 months.

The general consensus is that the more you use your home, the more you need to change the air filter. A general rule of thumb for pleated air filters (such as those manufactured by FilterBuy) is to replace the filter every 90 days. As the filter traps more dirt, dust and allergens from the air, the efficiency of the filter decreases. Find out below if you should replace the filter more often.

Smoke can damage the filter and the more smokers you have, the more often you will need to change filters. Your oven owner's manual will specify the best MERV rating for your oven and, in general, filters with a MERV rating of 6 to 9 should be changed every 90 days, while those with a MERV rating of 10 to 12 should be changed every 60 days. If the filter looks very dirty, the white folds are not visible, and it has turned gray or brown, then it's time to change the filter. Households with multiple pets, many occupants, and residents who love to cook indoors may require more frequent air filter changes, while vacation homes or single-occupant homes may spend a little more time between air filter replacements.

Use a filter with a MERV rating of 12, such as the Nordic Pure filter (available on Amazon), if your oven can do so. The Minimum Efficiency Report Value (MERV) rating for an air filter measures how effectively the filter prevents dust and other contaminants from passing through the filter into the air stream. Check the marks on the existing filter to see if measurements, MERV rating, and brand information are available. Similarly, a 1-inch pleated filter will need a more frequent change compared to a 4-inch pleated filter that can last up to six months before needing to be replaced because it has more area for particles to accumulate.

In general, filters with a MERV 16 rating or lower are considered HVAC system grade filters for residential, commercial, and general hospital use. But how often do you need to change the air filter? How often do you need to change the oven filter? Well, it depends. The basic recommendation for oven filter replacement is every 3-4 months for MERV 8, every 6 months for MERV 10 and 11, and every year for MERV 16.Because filters with higher MERV ratings are denser, your oven must work harder to draw air through them and not all ovens are powerful enough to do so.